Sexual Health Services

In conjunction with Embrace, we are happy to provide a sexual health service to our patients.

You will be able to book the following:

  • Cervical Smear 
  • Coil Check 
  • Repeat Pill 
  • New Pill
  • Repeat Patch/Vaginal Ring
  • Full STI Screen as long as patient asymptomatic 
  • Implant Removal/Fit Consultation 
  • Coil Fit/Removal Consultation 
  • Contraception Consultation/advice
  • Repeat Depo injections

Some of the appointments can be done virtually with a second face to face appointment, dependant on your treatment. The services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team therefore your appointment could be with the sexual health nurse or a GP.

Appointments are available across Wolverhampton and your practice will be able to help you find the closest clinic to you.